3D Sonar

Transportable - Quick Setup - Simple Operation - High Accuracy

This echosounder was developed as a mobile system for use in flat bodies of water with depths of up to 13 meters. Its primary areas of use are collection of terrain data in harbors, lakes, ponds and canals. This mobile system can also be used during dredging operations and underwater work for position finding and intermediate bearing checks for self-monitoring.

Measurement of the traveling time required for ultrasonic pulses allows exact determination of the depth of the subsurface in combination with position data from an RTK GPS system. The correction data required for the GPS system is supplied by a local base station or a reference service.
All readings are recorded in real time and saved for later use in Gauss-Krüger coordinate tables or can be output online over an RS232 interface.

For planning data capture it is also possible to import a DXF file for visualization of the positioning run.